Introduction To Python
Computer Science isn't programming (YouTube)
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Class Goals
Student Prerequisites
Class Description
Class Requirements (hardware,software)
Class Grading
Class Schedule

Class Textbook1 (pdf) (244 pages)
(This is the second edition which uses Python 3. Python 2 is used by the first edition.)

Python Cookbook (3rd edition)1 (pdf) (706 pages)
(This is the third edition which uses Python 3.3)

Python Pocket Reference (5th edition)1 (pdf) (264 pages)

Python Code Examples
Python Code Snippets
Python For Loop Examples
Python More Loop Examples
Point and Line
F String Format
Python FYIs
Regular Expressions
Python Data Types
Python Comprehensions
Search Directories for Files
Linked List
Python Style Guide
Some of My Tools
Bell Curve (Normal Distribution) Equation
View Python Bytecode
Numbers and Bytes
Magic or Dunder Methods
Bytes and Strings

Python Design Patterns

21 Ways to NOT Grow as a Software Developer (YouTube)

Python Reference

eBooks, Cheat Sheets, ...
Python Resources
Some Python Packages

Class Exercises
1,500+ Python Practice Challenges
My Programming Problems
Turtle Graphics Projects/Exercises

Python Program Template
Software Design Process

1This could change depending on the class. Some eBooks are better for "Introduction to Programming" classes and some for more experienced students. Also, some may emphasize different aspects of programming. (Web development, graphics, ...)

Note: The use of free documents, software, etc. will reduce the cost of the class, and introduce students to Python resources available on the web.